Strengthening of the Hyperlocal

We are excited to announce our participation in Urban Design Forum’s exhibition “Gallery of Urban Ideas: City Life After Coronavirus”!

UDF called upon various Fellows and interdisciplinary civic leaders, to provide suggestions/strategies/proposals to rethink the way our city operates in the midst of this pandemic, with the goal of inspiring New York City to “work towards a safe, equitable and dynamic recovery.” Our proposal focused on the “hyperlocal”, suggesting ways of improving the quality life of residents on the scale of the neighborhood and even the block.

We tapped into the idea of the “community hub”, which is a large part of our practice, to act as a catalyst for engagement. We considered this the common thread within the network of neighborhoods, and developed the concept to REshape, REconnect, and REimagine the “local”.

Take a look at our proposal and the other fantastic proposals in Urban Design Forum’s Gallery of Ideas!