2000 Ocean

Hallandale, FL, US

Located just north of South Florida’s Golden Beach, this contemporary, 40-story glass tower showcases panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean, Intracoastal Waterway, and surrounding endless sandy beaches. Proudly positioned on the beach, and closer to the ocean than any of its neighbors, it is bathed with sunlight from sunrise to sunset. 64 families will have the privilege to call 2000 Ocean, a property that signifies prestige and quality, their home. Adding beauty and opulence to the Atlantic coastline, there is truly nothing else like it.

2000 Ocean is the result of a careful collaboration between our studio, landscape architects from Sasaki Associates, and the Italian interior designers of Minotti and Minotti Cucine, who raise the level of luxury throughout the property. Collectively, their mission was to realize the vision of New York-based real estate developer KAR Properties, thereby setting a new standard for oceanfront living, designed to enhance the lives of its residents. The team’s intelligent design allows both full floor and half floor homes privileged views of the Atlantic Ocean and Intracoastal Waterway from sunrise to sunset.

Working together, this unified team began by focusing on the natural environment. Their energies were directed toward strengthening the connections between the ocean, the landscape, and the human experience, ultimately creating a visceral sense of place. South Florida’s subtropical ecology provides the lush backdrop, which is rolled out into one long, horizontal plane, from the man-made hum of South Ocean Drive to the natural currents of the Atlantic Ocean. Presented with this duality, our team and Sasaki architects created a compelling, holistic vision for oceanfront living based on one fundamental principle: balance.

“The project seamlessly connects the expansive oceanfront horizon line with the dramatic skyline. At the heart of this intersection is a lush, unexpected landscape within which the project exists,” says Andrea Steele. Serene gardens, a sculpture park, and reflective pools are interspersed throughout the property’s exterior foundation, providing serene counterpoints to dramatic ocean vistas. Inside the sleek glass tower, interior designs reflect the balance between night and day. Each floor features a private eastern oceanfront terrace and a private western garden-facing terrace—affording residents the ability to watch the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean and set each day over the Intracoastal Waterway, from the comfort of their own homes.

The concept of compression and release is also intelligently employed throughout the landscape, gradually guiding visitors from the long, private driveway entrance on South Ocean Drive all the way to the wide open expanses of the Atlantic horizon. The experience of moving through this space is one of ascension, created by a crescendo of inclining ramps and stone esplanades cut cleanly into the building’s podium and foundation. To finally reach the ocean is to experience a rush of release, feet in the sand and eyes on the horizon.

Credit: TEN Arquitectos/Enrique Norten with ASA/Andrea Steele