Pioneer Works

Brooklyn, NY, US

Pioneer Works is a non-profit trans-disciplinary platform for painters, writers, scientists and anyone interested in changing the world. Our design seeks to strengthen the connections between these incredible resources and the surrounding community at all scales.

Phase 1: The Gateway + Reception + Gift Shop

The new entrance is materialized with the insertion of a blackened steel sleeve thru the existing garage opening of the main façade. By intervening within the existing void, we not only preserve the historic red-brick façade but also accentuate the scale of the existing building celebrating its industrial past. Two sets of tall glass doors replace the existing garage roll-up doors accommodating the code egress requirements for evacuation and conceptually extending the public space of the street into the building. The transparency allows views into the building and inundates the main lobby with natural light to create a welcoming touchstone for the community.

Inside, the same blackened steel clads the reception wall and forms the desk as a pure volume that matches the scale of the surrounding Great Hall. The gift shop, composed of thin metal shelves and large wooden cubes, transform the lobby into an exhibition space highlighting the talents of the artists in residence and PW community.

Phase 2: The Observatory

Pioneer Works is building New York City’s first-ever public observatory and we are proud to be collaborating with their amazing team of astrophysicists, artists and visionaries to make this one-of-a-kind dream come true for Red Hook and beyond.